Pressure Cooking

My visit with Dr. B yesterday has sent me into a bit of a spin. Things could be happening sooner than expected. My blood pressure is still playing up, and yesterday I had proteins in my urine. I have to wait all morning to see if I get a phone call saying “come on down”. Because Heshe is not yet engaged in the pelvis, it could mean I have to have a caesarian. This is to me working on not panicking, but just calmly preparing myself for things happening three weeks sooner than expected.

Almost A Week

I am determined to make frequent updates, but so far haven’t been as successful as I had hoped to be. Good thing I’ve got an excuse ready. Apart from the fact that I have had quite a busy week, I have also been installing Greymatter to make the blogging process just a little easier. Setting it up has taken a bit longer than I thought it would, but I am slowly making progress and should be able to launch the new set up soon. It wont look any different, just change how I put my…


I’ve just realised. I’m missing an entry. I wonder how that happened. It was about another stupid pregnancy thing that I’d done. I don’t have enough time to re-enter it now, but hopefully this entry will serve as a reminder for me to do it next time I’m working on the blog.

Let’s Hope The Machine Is Wrong

Had an obstetrician appointment today. Everything was fine, my blood pressure, urine specimen, weight gain and so on. All the usual suspects they check out. Dr B. gave me an abdominal palp and said that I was measuring at about 30 – 32 weeks, and his guess that by due date Heshe would be around 7 pounds. I thought that sounded like quite a nice size. Then we had an ultrasound. The measurements said by birth date expect an 8 or 9 pounder. Like I said; let’s hope the machine is wrong. Dr B. tried…

Dumb Pregnancy Thing

Worked at Dave’s today. Brett rang to speak to me. Whenever we call Dave we always tend to have trouble hearing him. I mentioned to Brett that I couldn’t hear him properly, and no he couldn’t hear me properly either, but we continued the conversation none the less, assuming that the phone has a problem. At the end of the conversation I went to hang up the phone (cordless, so hanging up by pressing a button) when it came to my attention I’d been holding the phone the wrong way up. Boy did I have…


Slept in and were late for church. Been fiddling around a bit more with this web site. Finished my 100 things, boy was that tough. Brett is having a nap. Heshe has been wriggling like crazy today, more than ever before, some very new sensations being experienced by my body. I just like it that I can feel Heshe move every day. Ten weeks to go. Working at the pie factory every day for the next two week, which should be interesting considering I’ve only worked 1 or 2 days a week for months, and…

Morning Sickness or Stomach Bug? – That Is The Question

Tuesday and Wednesday were not so good days in the nausea department. But I still don’t know whether it was a taste of morning sickness or whether I was actually sick. You see I’ve heard (and please be prepared for too much information) that during pregnancy it is normal to get constipated, well the last few days I’ve actually had the opposite, and that was combined with pretty bad nausea. I still don’t feel pregnant.