Clackline Walk

Our family does not have the best success rate with going on hikes or walks more adventurous than to a local park.

And we continued our 100% fail rate with this walk.

We followed the signs. We came to a brook. I didn’t feel I could get across without falling in, so we let Elisha and Jos go on without us, and we were going to meet them at the end of the loop.

Except, what we didn’t realise was that the path they went on went back towards the way we had come from, and Brett, Cayley and I continued further on.

We did figure out our mistake eventually, but not without a little bit of panic from me.

This was the only photo I took with my large camera while on the walk.

This photo Brett and I took with some of the old railway (or something), in the background. I think we’re laughing because we were having so much trouble taking a selfie and getting the ruins in the background in just the right spot. It’s harder than it looks you know!

After the misadventure at Clackline, we headed back toward the farm with a brief stop off at Eadine Springs. It really is quite lovely when there is so much water and green. 

This is the boys posing with the. I think they were going for something completely different… 

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  1. Gran says:

    Brett you can smile. Lovely photos.

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