It’s Raining Babies

Today was our baby shower. When I say our I mean Heshe and I. Brett being the brave fellow that he is couldn’t handle the thought of all those women, so he went and played computer games at Dave’s place. Had such a fantastic day. Debs and Mum did a brilliant job organising everything. About thirty people turned up. Got a little crowded at times, but manageable.

Debs made a great centre piece – a nappy cake. It was made out of disposable nappies that had been rolled into cylinders and then they were put together into three different sized tiers. And to top it off a M&M filled bottle as a candle. The ribbons used to decorate were in the colours of the nursery. If I manage to figure out how to include a photo with this entry then you’ll see it in the middle of all the loot we got.

Speaking of which, we were extremely spoiled. We got so much beautiful stuff. I need to get organised now and do thank you notes. I was going to leave doing the thank you cards until after Heshe arrives, but someone said I should do notes for each individual occasion… now I just have to get busy and make and write them.

Today was also Simon’s birthday – 17 – can get his license now, which I think he is absolutely dying to do. He spends an awful lot of time working on his car. I guess for most people first cars are a bit of an obsession.

Oh and how could I forget, during the shower Jenny, my cousin from Melbourne arrived. She’d spent the week in Bunbury and is stayed the night so we could drop her at the airport in the morning. It was nice to catch up with her.
She timed it well – baby shower and Simon’s birthday. So we had a family dinner at our place to celebrate. We were originally going to go out for tea, but dad decided that he wasn’t up to gadding about on his crutches yet so the plans were changed.

I was exhausted by the end of the day, but I think being 34 weeks pregnant is a pretty good excuse for being tired.

Let’s see if we’ve got this photo thing worked out.



And that wasn’t all the gifts, there were more around the edges of the picture, and on the floor beneath the table. Yes we were spoiled. And don’t forget to take note of the nappy cake.

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