Dumb Pregnancy Thing II

At the shower last week I had another dumb pregnancy episode. Although I don’t think the incident was completely pregnancy induced. I may have been trying to do too many things at once. Which of course, when you’re pregnant is a dangerous thing to do.

I was pouring a drink, talking to someone and holding either Jack or Romilly – all at the same time. Can you guess what happened. I just kept on pouring that drink. I think I must have half filled the glass again. What is even
dumber is that I realised what was happening, but the message to my brain to stop seemed to be somewhat delayed.

In other news, I’ve been sick. Had, and still have to a lesser degree, a
very nasty head cold. Spent a few nights in the spare bedroom, or on the couch, depending on which I decided was more comfortable at the time. Brett took me to the doctors on Monday morning after two really quite bad days. I’m starting to feel a little better now. I suppose I’ll have to behave

Last night was the third in a series of four antenatal classes which we are attending at the moment. I wouldn’t say that I have learned anything new as such, but it is good to hear all of this information again also close to the time of Heshe’s arrival and b) from a member of the midwifery team herself. Last night was “the video” and information on caesarean and bringing the baby home. Next week is bre*astfeeding, I have to find a baby size doll to take to the class, so if anyone I know reads this and has one I can borrow, that would be most helpful.

I’ve been trying to do an entry on the nursery for ages now but never seem to get around to it, so I’m just going to post the first lot of pictures now, and I’ll take some more of the progress soon (we hope) and put them up later. When we’ve told people that we are painting the nursery purple and green, most are horrified. When I modify that description to lime and lilac/lavender the response tends to be slightly better. Here is the room post painting – pre furniture.


The nursery all painted for baby.

The nursery all painted for baby.

Tell me what you think!