Almost A Week

I am determined to make frequent updates, but so far haven’t been as successful as I had hoped to be. Good thing I’ve got an excuse ready. Apart from the fact that I have had quite a busy week, I have also been installing Greymatter to make the blogging process just a little easier. Setting it up has taken a bit longer than I thought it would, but I am slowly making progress and should be able to launch the new set up soon.

It wont look any different, just change how I put my entries in.

In other news, we are up to weekly visits to the obstetrician now. This week my blood pressure was a little high, but I think it may have been a case of white coat syndrome, because it had gone down again the second time he tested. Dr B. sent me for a blood test anyway, and I’m guessing that from the fact I haven’t heard anything that everything is fine.

I am very quickly moving into the stage of pregnancy where I am looking forward to the pregnancy being over. Not that I haven’t enjoyed being pregnant, in fact I’ve loved most of it, and really felt blessed that we have been given this opportunity… but I’m starting to feel like I’ve had enough. I guess in a way that is a good thing.

Tell me what you think!