Worst Birthday Ever

During their screen time on Saturday, which also happened to be Elisha’s birthday, the kids discovered that a game they love to play, Starbound, had been updated.

And all their characters had been wiped.

So they had to start all over.

There was much weeping and wailing.

And it was pronounced, “The worst birthday ever.”

Just look at these sad faces.

Worst birthday ever

And then they started playing the updated version. What they had been playing was the early release which was playable, but not technically finished yet. What they started playing on the worst birthday ever was the first full release of Starbound.

Within minutes there were smiles and the sadness was forgotten as they discovered how much better the full and complete version is.

A bit like life on earth compared to heaven I think. I have cried my share of tears over spilt milk and other such things. Things that felt so precious. But I wonder how they’ll compare to what is to come?

I think the tears will be quickly forgotten.

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  1. Love this post Tara! You are so right, the tears will be forgotten 🙂 Great job on the blog! love it!!!

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