Made It Worse

So, to make the Worst Birthday Ever even worse, I announced that we would be having take away for dinner and watching the latest Star Wars Movie.

You’d think that would earn me mother of the year award, but apparently not in my home. All three of the kids cried! They did not want to watch Star Wars. This is a disaster of great magnitude. Who does not want to watch a good Star Wars movie?

So we watched Bear Grylls instead.

Disaster averted.

Maybe it wasn’t the Worst Birthday Ever. Except for me, because again, whose children do not want to watch Star Wars. I hang my head in shame.



Timba quite enjoyed playing in the rubbish that got left behind. He’d run head-first into the paper bag, and then curl up in the edge of it. Probably smelled good and chickeny.



And of late, since coming home from my two-and-a-half weeks away, the kids have been much more interested in, and happy to have their photo taken. I certainly don’t have a problem with that!

This was a requested shot for Jos with Timba.


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  1. Lol– the Worst Birthday Ever??? That’s got me giggling!!! Glad you are back to blogging!! I love the last pic with Jos and Timba!!! So cute!!!!

    • tara says:

      I know! WBE, I’m still laughing about it too. Thanks for visiting!

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