Perth Royal Show 2017

My number one tip to you all; go when it is raining.


There were no crowds anywhere. We did not have to queue. There were enough buildings to hide in when it was raining.

And we had good raincoats and bought some little umbrellas before leaving for the show too.

We had a really fun day in spite of the rain.

Baby chickens are cute…

And dangerous!

We watched some sheep being shorn and got the chance to take a photo of the fleece being thrown onto the sorting table… except the shearer threw it a little harder than necessary and it landed on those right at the end of the table.

Although he didn’t win a prize, Eisha was a lot better at this than I anticipated.

We got to see Winston, who was recently famous.

But he wasn’t up for a meet and greet, so we got up close and personal with Clementine instead. She was lovely.

And thought she would try to nibble on Cayley’s coat.

She loves a good scratch too.

Elisha was a very good sport for me. Thanks, flea.

Sideshow alley. See. Empty.

Couldn’t pick my favourite between these two, so you get them both. And again – sideshow alley – so empty. 

Ready to go home.

Tell me what you think!