My brother Glenn and his partner Kate invited us to go to Aqwa with them on Saturday. We left from mum’s place about noon. Glenn had given Simon a driving lesson. The only negative thing about the whole day would have to have been the traffic jam on the freeway on our way there. Apart from that we had an awesome time.

Jack loved looking at the fish. I thought that he would have been a bit more excited about the touch pool, but he was actually more happy to just look than to get into it. I think the thing he got most excited about was the seals. They were swimming really close to the window and it was pretty spectacular.

It is so much more fun to go with small children, and to see how excited they get about things that we take for granted. I don’t know what my favourite would have been. The jelly fish were pretty cool, but so were lots of other things.

I took some photos, don’t know if you’d call any of them special, but here are the top pick of the bunch.








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