AYITM Sydney Photowalk

This is the third year that I have been a student in a class called A Year In The Making. I have made so many wonderful friends and worked on so many different areas of photography, owning less, living more, my physical health and personal well being.

But… most of my new friends live a long way away. As in America far away. So when J said she was heading to Sydney, those of us who live close enough decided to travel there to meet up.

Obviously because we all enjoy photography, there are photos. Truth be told, I didn’t take that many and am eagerly awaiting to see what everyone else took. But here’s a few…

Getting set up for an old-fashioned “selfie”.

I really wanted to take a close up of this gorgeous older lady, but was too chicken to make it obvious I was taking her photo. I haven’t been able to work out a way to crop the shot to make it visually pleasing but less cluttered.

Through the gate and over the bridge. 

Under the bridge.

Brolga fountain

Lindt chocolate. Need I say more.

Eating the fruit of a visit to the Lindt store.

So good.


It is so nice to spend an extended amount of time with people who don’t care when you take what your kids consider to be ‘forever’ to take some photos.

We also spent some time in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. It was so pretty, with every little detail and placement and texture feeling well thought out.

These guys were all over the garden and causing quite a stir with some of the visitors that day. 

We weren’t scared though!

Found this right near the end of our walk.

One of us had to leave to head back to their home state at this point, but after our long walk, the rest of us headed to a massage place near the hotel. It was very good. Just what we needed.

Tell me what you think!