Farm Time

WARNING: This is a photo heavy post.

We do love a weekend at the farm. It is such a blessing to get out of the normal routine, somewhere we can play in nature, explore, mud, fire, ruins, sheep. What more could you ask for!

We had some first-time visitors to the farm with us (I have photos with them, but no permission as yet) so Jos gave a lesson in mud walking. He does seem to have perfected the art.

Some quiet contemplation for Elisha. It was a lovely time of day for a walk with the sun going down and giving a golden hue to the landscape.

I am always, always amazed by the flowers that still grow at the ruins. Different flowers at different times of the year. These are Easter Lilies. We picked some and put them in a vase, but it seems a few of us were allergic to them, so that had to go back outside. 

The next morning I was up and about well before anyone else and got to see these kangaroos. I did my best to sneak up close to get some good shots of them, but they were just too shy and hopped away. This was about as good as it got. 

Breakfast with the kids.

A bit more of a walk around and explore with our guests.

Elisha and Cayley came down with a cold that Jos had already recovered from, so I let them watch quite a bit of television. I went for a walk by myself while waiting for Brett to arrive. Our guests had already gone home by this stage.

The last day… sheep! The farmer was moving sheep off the property and any time this happens he lets the kids get in on the action, and the love it. This shot was in the morning before the truck came, the sheep were just wandering looking for something to munch on.

Cayley was willing to do some photography with and of me, which was fun. I always enjoy a willing model.

It got quite overcast and even rained while the sheep were being put into the truck, but it made for some moody photos.

Brett pointed out to me how much Elisha’s raincoat stood out against the rain heavy sky. And he was right!

Thank you for sharing our trip to the farm with me. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.



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  1. Wow!! What awesome pics!!! You got some gorgeous images!!! I love the sheep ones!!!! Fun to read about your adventures!!

    • tara says:

      Thanks Colette. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I always love taking photos at the farm. You really will have to come some time. I KNOW that you will love the machinery graveyard.

  2. Great photos! Loved some of the detail shots and especially the raincoat one! I haven’t blogged in forever but you may just inspire me to start up again!

    • tara says:

      Only do it if you feel like it. I am very much a random blogger. Very inconsistent.

  3. Diane Van Der Kooij says:

    Great pics Tara. Reminds me of the times we went to Bemm River and Bushy Park when you were young. Great that you and Brett have the opportunity of sharing farm life with your ‘kiddiewinks’. Enjoy.

    • tara says:

      I’m glad the kids will have these happy memories, just like you and I have of Bemm River and Bushy Park.

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