This Boy Of Mine

He is full of verve, and so much fun. He has the best sense of humour and is a lover of practical jokes, though he does prefer to be the joker and not the jokee.

However, one thing that he is not, is an appropriate dresser.

He loves shorts and t-shirts, and as a matter of fact, his preference is for less than that with a blanket for warmth. Asking him to put on a jumper and long pants is akin to asking him to eat snails. He’d rather not, thank you very much. And the number of times he has gotten in the car without shoes on, even after I’ve asked everyone to put some on, well, I’ve lost count.

So Sunday he went to play in Narnia (a bush area near the building we use for church, which has been named Narnia, I don’t know why, and now that I’m writing this, I’m curious to know why. I am investigating.) but it was cold, and he had no jumper, no long pants, no shoes.


Thanks, Dad!

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