Cat And Bird

Or perhaps that should be ‘Bird And Cat’.

Spring has sprung in Perth.

The flowers are blooming.

The grass is going to seed.

Hayfever sufferers are sneezing.

The ants are flying.

Birds are nesting…




I’m pretty sure he goes out there just for the fun of being swooped by all the birds. It doesn’t seem to phase him in the least.

And they come at him continually.

I knew that if I sat on the curb I would have a chance to try and get a photo. Not the best shots, but you get the idea.

These birds don’t swoop us at all. Just him, and sometimes dogs when they walk past.

I’ve heard that there might be a swooping magpie at the school entrance. So far, so good – we walk to school most days, but Elisha is scarred after his experience with the rogue magpie in Bemm River a few years ago. He got swooped and was left with a bleeding gash in his head.

I feel bad about it, but this makes me laugh (a small amount of offensive language).  And yes, it might be funny to watch now, but I’m telling you that a swooping magpie is a very scary thing.

And while I’m thinking of it

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