I am not a parent who loves the great outdoors or exercise, and though I am trying to make this a priority in my life, my kids are pretty similar to me. They’d rather hang around inside the house, read a book or more so, watch a screen.

So when they got excited about Nerf guns and decided to have an all out war at our local park with a few of their friends, it was definitely a great photo opportunity for me.




I love this one with the gun sticking out from behind the slide! 14of365-4




There were three teams of two, and each team had a base, and something to defend within that base. I’m not sure who won, but there appeared to be certain measure of cheating going on while I was there.

Bumped into a couple of neighbours walking their dogs too. It is good to be outside.

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  1. Diane says:

    Great to see the kids outside enjoying the sun. Should be more of it. Great photos, especially the one with the gun behind the slide.

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