The story of Bob the banana.

Who isn’t a banana.


Cayley had a couple of friends over after school today. We collected a neighbour’s dog, to take him for a walk, and went to the park.

There they met up with another girl who lives locally. And found Bob the banana. Who isn’t a banana.

This pot plant was at the park laying on the ground behind a tree. I’m not sure if it was stolen and dumped, or whether it was unwanted and dumped.

But it has been named, Bob the banana, and now resides in our back yard.

It was so much fun to watch the girls figure out how they were going to move it as it was quite awkward and heavy. And yes, they got filthy. But it was good, dirty fun!

My ‘big girl’ camera photo today is of someone else, so this will have to do for my 365 project.

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