Finally Visited It

We went and visited the Spann’s this afternoon after church.

In part to see their new home. Which, erm, they may have been in for several months already.

But we finally  made it.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting and catching up. My kiddies enjoyed spending time with their kids, and I hope that was reciprocated!

We took a walk down the road to see the community centre and pool, though it definitely wasn’t swimming weather. We’ll have to come back and visit again when it is!


Yes, there was Pokémon Go happening. And Jos is wearing no shoes and one sock. Don’t get me started!

I even got in the shot today. It’s a goal of mine to be in more photos. I was all set for the cold weather.


We took a different route back to their place, it is such a pretty neighbourhood.




I wanted someone to stand inside this tree, but apparently there was a spider web in there somewhere. Elisha came up with a compromise of sitting in front of it. Like it was a tepee. And apparently Indians are serious.


But I did manage to get a smile.


And Pepper the cat who doesn’t like everyone was taken with several members of our family, and appeared to want to come home with us.


Thanks Cary and Debs for a really lovely day. I hope we can catch up again. Sooner rather than later.

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  1. Debs Spann says:

    Gorgeous photos Tara…but more importantly, gorgeous day hanging out with you all. Must work harder to organise it in the very near future 🙂 xx

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