Strange Kitty

Let me introduce you to our fur-baby. The most consistent thing about Ookie is how odd she is. Where do I start. Every time Brett or I head in the direction of the laundry (which is her room) she assumes she is going to be fed, and so off she races. The thing is, there is already food there. She seems to need one of us standing close by encouraging her to eat, or perhaps to remind her that there is food there.


She is also not a very brave member of the feline species. Just about anything can and will scare her. A new person, a well loved person carrying a box, a well loved person suddenly appearing in the room, or just a well loved person at times. What terrifies her most of all are miniature people, especially those who chase after her making lots of noise.


Ookie is a very sophisticated cat, you will *never* see her playing games, killing socks or mats or the like, and if you should so happen to think you see her participating in one of the aforementioned activities, her stern gaze will soon put that error of judgment right.

In the mornings I normally get up before Brett and our usual routine is
to let Ookie out of the laundry and she will then curl up on the bed with Brett until he gets up. Of late she has decided that the bed is a nice place to be even when Brett isn’t there for warmth… but under the doona provides a better temperature.

Ookie and Brett napping.


We do love Ookie. She is friendly toward Brett and myself and likes to be near us most of the time, and will often talk to us.


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  1. Diane says:

    lovely to be reminded if your ookie, who was a real ‘sookie’, but a lovely friend.

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